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Embraer Launched the A-29N Super Tucano NATO Configuration

Embraer Launched the A-29N Super Tucano NATO Configuration

The Latin American Defence and Security Exhibition started in Rio de Janeiro on April 12, 2023. Embraer presented its aircraft offering to meet the needs of European countries. The A-29N can perform light attacks, armed reconnaissance, and advanced training functions. The new version of the A-29N is designed to have a new datalink system and a single pilot operation. 

According to Embraer, the A-29N has features and components compatible with the operational requirements of NATO. These features make it possible to support Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training missions. President and CEO of Embraer Defence and Security Bosco da Costa Junior said several European countries had shown interest in the aircraft's capabilities. There are claims that Portugal could be the first customer. The Portuguese Council of Ministers gave its approval in March to a budget of 5.5 billion euros to be used for acquiring military equipment up until 2034. This fund will be used to purchase approaching air support aircraft, which fall into the category of Super Tucano, even though the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) has not yet established a plan to procure close air support aircraft.


The aircraft has various advanced sensors and weapons, including a laser designator electro-optical/infrared system, night vision goggles, secure voice communications, and a datalink package.