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EOS Defence Enters European C-UAS Market

EOS Defence Enters European C-UAS Market

The $15 million contract, subject to approval by the Australian Government, covers Slinger C-UAS systems, spares, training, and related services to be delivered in 2024.

Recently, Slinger was paired with MARSS’s AI-supported NiDAR C-UAS sensor suite as a part of Red Sands Live Fire Exercise 23.2 jointly conducted by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

Also, EOS Systems announced that it would supply Ukraine with 160 Slinger C-UAS systems against Russian UAVs in September 2023. 

Slinger is a hard-kill C-UAS solution by EOS Systems using an M230LF 30x113 mm chain gun with proximity-fused ammunition to defeat UAVs at ranges up to 800 m. The sensors include a four-axis stabilised electro-optical system, and a forward-facing EchoGuard 4D radar optimised for small UAVs. The system can be integrated on ground vehicles or used on a fixed mount.

M230LF is used on other new hard-kill C-UAS/SHORAD systems manufactured by the U.S., such as MADIS Mk1, Stryker M-SHORAD and AMPV C-UAS. The reasons for the M230LF being preferred can often be given as its compactness and commonality of parts with the M230 chain gun used on AH-64 Apache attack helicopters. As the M230 has been in active production, it logistically makes sense to use the M230LF as the main gun for short-range solutions.