Estonia Procures Over 500 Israeli-Made Spike Anti-Tank Missiles

Estonia Procures Over 500 Israeli-Made Spike Anti-Tank Missiles

According to the Centre for Defence Investment (RKK), Estonia is acquiring about 500 Israeli-made Spike SR anti-tank missiles. The first shipment, containing supplementary equipment such as training missiles, will arrive later this year. According to reports, the launchers have already been delivered.

The volunteer Defence League (Kaitseliit), a citizen-staffed force that complements the Estonia Defence Forces (EDF), will be the primary Spike SR operator since the systems will replace 90 mm towed anti-tank guns.

EuroSpike, a joint venture between German businesses Diehl Defence and Rheinmetall Electronic and Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, obtained the order from the RKK, according to Israel Defence.

The procurement is part of an agreement made in 2019 to equip the Estonian army with 18 spike launcher systems over seven years.

According to Israel Defence reports, the launchers were already delivered in 2020, and the agreement includes the option to acquire more launcher systems.

Spike SR is a lightweight, shoulder-launched, fire-and-forget anti-tank missile with a 2,000-meter effective range.

The EDF's two infantry brigades are heavy, mechanised infantry capabilities. In contrast, artillery capabilities, coastal defences and cyber defence are other essential pillars of Estonian current defence policy.