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Finland to Upgrade Its M270D1 MLRSs

Finland to Upgrade Its M270D1 MLRSs

The upgrade includes improvements to the launcher vehicle’s mobility and protection and an improved fire control system.

Thanks to the new fire control system, the upgraded M270A2 MLRSs will be capable of using the future PrSM tactical ballistic missile. Currently, M270D1 provides two ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles per launcher, which can reach a range of 300 km. The newer PrSM sports a sleeker profile, allowing for the carriage of four missiles per M270 unit and a longer range beyond 499 km.

Finland isn’t the only country looking for an upgrade in MLRS capabilities. The U.K. is also investing in its M270 MLRSs for PrSM and 227 mm GMLRS-ER GPS-guided artillery missiles, doubling the range of legacy GMLRS missiles to 150 km thanks to a larger rocket motor.