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Finnish Navy Commissions Upgraded Hamina-class FACs

Finnish Navy Commissions Upgraded Hamina-class FACs

The upgrade contains many new systems due to changing perceptions of the Finnish Navy regarding the threats, as Naval News reports.

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities were significantly improved with TP-47 400 mm torpedoes from Sweden and Kongsberg ST2400 variable-depth sonar from Norway. 

Anti-Surface Warfare capabilities were updated by replacing RBS-15 anti-ship missiles with Israeli Gabriel V anti-ship missiles. Finnish Navy also plans to use the new missile onboard new ships and coastal defence batteries.

Due to the upgrade increasing the total weight, the 57 mm main gun is replaced with a lighter but newer 40 mm Bofors Mk4 naval gun. 

A shift towards ASW capabilities can be explained by the felt need to counter potential Russian submarine threats in littorals and protect the seabed. Despite the attention towards ASW capabilities, anti-surface and anti-air warfare capabilities aren’t let down with the updates for gun and missile systems.