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FNSS' Pars IV 6×6 S-Ops Vehicle is Near Completing Durability Tests

FNSS' Pars IV 6×6 S-Ops Vehicle is Near Completing Durability Tests

THE PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle is designed for all-terrain conditions, including cross-country and urban areas. The vehicle has been specifically designed to carry special operations units to their mission objectives at places like in urban warfare, where attacks from every direction and trap are very probable.


A high level of electrical and optical situational awareness is situated for all the team members. The vehicle"s design enables maximum optical visual situational awareness with more than 180 degrees for the driver and the personnel located at the vehicle’s front section.

The new generation electronic infrastructure provides 360 degrees of situational awareness for all the team members. Owing to these features, the vehicle can easily be operated under armour at all times with hatches closed position.


The vehicle"s weapon system is designed to engage multiple targets simultaneously from all directions, including high grounds. Two remote-controlled turrets are located in the front and rear sections of the vehicle. They work independently to allow the crew to engage in two missions simultaneously.

The weapon system is equipped with a versatile weapon mount that enables it to carry 7.62 mm, .50 Cal machine guns or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers and can be easily changed depending on mission requirements. 2-axis stabilisation allows firing on the move, and the increased elevation of the guns enables engage targets on high grounds (building tops, cliffs etc.) and/or low altitude aerial targets.

The vehicle combines the survivability of an MRAP vehicle and the tactical mobility of a wheeled armed combat vehicle. The vehicle"s high level of ballistic, mine and IED protection and the RPG net are designed to protect the crew and the powerpack against unconventional threats. The net can be removed or installed easily and quickly.

Thanks to its front and rear-axle steering, the seven meter-long vehicle has a narrower turning radius than a 4x4 vehicle.

The project started in 2019. All mine, IED and ballistic tests of the vehicle were performed together with the user at FNSS facilities, Turkish Armed Forces test ranges and internationally accredited test centres. The acoustic warning system is sensitive to supersonic sounds and integrated with weapon turrets, active jamming/blinding system, 360-degree dual-user smoke grenade launcher and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection systems on the vehicle as active protection elements.

The company exhibited the vehicle for the first time at IDEF 21.

PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle Specs

Combat Weight26.000 kg
Length< 7 m
Width< 3 m
Height (Hull Roof)< 2.45 m
Air Transportation, C-5, C-17, IL-76 and AN-124
EngineEURO 3 Diesel
TransmissionFully Automatic, 7 Forward - 2 Reverse
NATO Single Fuel ConceptF54 and F34 Fuel
Number of Axles3
Driven AxlesAll Wheel Drive
Steered Axles1 and 3