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German MoD Announces PzH 2000 155 mm SPG Aid to Ukraine

German MoD Announces PzH 2000 155 mm SPG Aid to Ukraine

The future supply will double the size of Ukraine’s PzH 2000 force. PzH 2000 is among the land platforms Germany has supplied Ukraine with, like Gepard 35 mm SPAAG and Marder 1A3 IFV. Germany also provides maintenance and ammunition for the supplied vehicles.

PzH 2000 is a tracked SPG using a 155 mm L52 gun with a maximum range of 40 km with rocket-assisted projectiles and 50 km with guided ammunition. The platform is armoured to protect against 14.5 mm rounds. PzH 2000 is in active use with the Ukrainian Army. Other 155 mm SPGs supplied to Ukraine include:

  • CAESAR (France)
  • AHS Krab (Poland)
  • Zuzana 2 (Slovakia)
  • AS90 (U.K.)
  • ARCHER (Sweden)

Ukraine’s own artillery systems and supplied SPGs have played an essential role in slowing down the Russian ground forces. European countries and the U.S. are also supplying the country in war with artillery shells to prevent ammunition shortage, a problem both sides have encountered occasionally.

It should be noted that some countries in the EU are seemingly trying to take advantage of the massive demand for artillery shells. Politico has reported that France and Greece have blocked the purchase of 155 mm shells for Ukraine from non-EU states.