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Germany Orders Skyranger 30 Air Defence System

Germany Orders Skyranger 30 Air Defence System

Bundestag’s Budget Committee approved the acquisition of Germany’s new Skyranger 30 gun and missile air defence system on the 21st of February, 2024, where 19 units are on order with a total cost of €650 million.

Skyranger 30, based on the Boxer 8x8 armoured vehicle, switches from Germany’s tradition of 35 mm revolver cannon to a new 30 mm one, featuring a higher rate of fire at 1200 rounds per minute. Like its predecessor, the new cannon can use AHEAD airburst ammunition against aircraft, small UAVs and missiles.

The secondary armament consists of U.S.-made Stinger MANPADS against threats at longer ranges. Other options are being evaluated for future integration. There are also plans to install a turreted high-energy laser weapon on the turret; the version with a laser weapon is dubbed Skyranger 30 HEL.

There is also an improvement on the sensors, with four AESA radars on the front and sides of the turret.

Another future user of Skyranger 30 is Hungary, as Rheinmetall announced. Hungary opted to use the Skyranger 30 system on Lynx KF41 tracked armoured vehicle instead of the wheeled Boxer. This can be explained by Hungary also producing the Lynx KF41 armoured vehicles locally.