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Gibbs & Cox Presents VLS-Reloading Sea Platform Concept

Gibbs & Cox Presents VLS-Reloading Sea Platform Concept (Photo Credit Naval News)

The firm, a company of Leidos, presented its Mobile Defense/Depot Platform (MODEP) during Sea Air Space 2024. Naval News reports that MODEP is presented in the depot and air defence configurations. The depot configuration is intended as an off-shore rearming platform for warships. The platform can be moved at low speeds, which brings a level of advantage in survivability compared to the static bases by making the location by satellites harder. The company states that the missile defence configuration has enough space for 512 VLS cells, more than five times the capacity of Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. Additionally, future large-diameter cells are stated to be available. Gibbs & Cox state that this can act as an alternative to AEGIS Ashore, which can be described as basing the systems of an AEGIS destroyer on land. However, putting that many missiles on one platform is questionable in terms of risks. Such a large surface platform can be easily targeted by even ballistic missiles despite having advantages compared to fixed facilities.