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GIDS Demonstrates Sharpar-II Armed UAV’s Capabilities

GIDS Demonstrates Sharpar-II Armed UAV’s Capabilities

GIDS has demonstrated the attack capabilities of the new Sharpar-II UAV to delegations from 11 countries.Sharpar-II fired a BURQ laser-guided air-to-surface missile from 14000 ft altitude during the demonstration. The targeting was done through the locally-built electro-optic system Zumr 2. Sharpar-II serves alongside Bayraktar TB2,  AKINCI, and Wing Loong-II UAVs of the Pakistani Air Force.

The delegations attending the demonstration include those from Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

GIDS stated that firing tests with other munitions, such as BURQ-II with a 20 kg warhead and longer range, will begin in April 2024. Other munitions that will be used include the Al-Battar laser guidance kit and the IREK anti-radiation guidance kit. These will rather be used on AKINCI UCAVs.

Pakistan is also developing the larger Sharpar-III with SATCOM, which has more endurance and payload capacity. Sharpar III’s payload is planned to be in the 400-530 kg range, while the endurance is projected to be 20+ hours, as reported by Pakistani defence news site Defence International Analysis.