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GIDS Pakistan Exhibits Fatah-1 and II G-MLRS

GIDS Pakistan Exhibits Fatah-1 and II  G-MLRS

Pakistan State Company Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) attended the IDEF 2023 defence exhibition in Istanbul, Turkiye and exhibited its surface-to-surface Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System Fatah-1and II G-MLRS design.

This mobile rocket launcher system is mounted on an 8X8 military truck. Fatah-1’s compatibility with a wide range of ammunition allows military forces to adapt their attacks according to the specific nature of targets. It can engage up to eight targets within a range of 8 km x 8 sq. km at a range of 70 km to 140 km, making it a valuable asset for precision strikes. The first flight test for the GMLRS took place in January 2021, and it can deliver a conventional warhead” up to its maximum range. Fatah-1 has a Circular Error Probable (CEP) of less than 50 meters.

GIDS FATAH ı and II IDEF TurDef 981X440.jpg

Equipped with an advanced Integrated Fire Control System (CTI), Fatah-1 optimizes the missile’s targeting and guidance mechanism, ensuring smooth coordination between the missile and the launch platform. With its operational flexibility, Fatah-1 can be applied in various scenarios, from conventional warfare to counter-terrorism operations.