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Gürdesan Delivers Submarine’s Torpedo Launching Room

Gürdesan Delivers Submarine’s Torpedo Launching Room

The Gürdesan company’s submarine production, Section 50, is delivered to Gölcük Shipyard Command to be used at the New Type Submarine Project (Reis Class). Section 50 contains submarine’s torpedo tubes and it is produced for the first time in Turkey under the coordination of STM.

The company has been concentrating on this capacity for a long time. It is expected to find a place at MILDEN national submarine project.

Submarines, which derive their power from the difficulty of being detected, become an important deterrent when they combine these features with the torpedo. In section 50, the torpedo and the water meet under the high pressure caused by the depths of the sea. In this section, which requires a fast and quiet operation, the balance of the submarine must not stay stable during the operation. The life of the crew must not be risk-free. The operation must be carried out in harmony. The torpedo launcher box is also used as an escape gate in case of an accident.