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HAVELSAN Export Baha to Africa

HAVELSAN Export Baha to Africa


HAVELSAN has shared a piece of information at its social media account. It stated that it exports Baha sub cloud drone to an African country. The statement underlined that Baha is a part of “digital troop” concept of HAVELSAN. HAVELSAN’s concept includes man-unmanned teaming. HAVELSAN has also thanked four sub-contractor companies for their cooperation: Asisguard, Dönmezoğlu Bilişim, SIO Aerospace Industry, and TUALCOM.

ASISGUARD has recently played a similar role on STM’s Togan drones. STM has exported its drones to Africa via ASİSGUARD. It is unknown whether both exports are to same country. 

According to HAVELSAN, the latest BAHA version is a Low-altitude Autonomous Aircraft that meets the needs of modern armies with its vertical landing and take-off capability, fully autonomous mission capability, and modular architecture that allows the integration of several payloads. The system is powered by a gasoline engine during cruise flight, and electric motors provide vertical take-off and landing.

The system, which can perform missions at altitudes of up to 15,000 feet, has a range of up to 80 kilometres with an endurance of six hours with a gasoline engine (up to two hours with an electric motor). BAHA can also carry a payload of up to five kg.