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HAVELSAN’s Barkan UGV Pasts Tests

HAVELSAN’s Barkan UGV Pasts Tests

HAVELSAN announced from its social media accounts that Barkan has successfully undergone rigorous testing phases, demonstrating exceptional mobility, autonomous navigation, and environmental resilience capability. HAVELSAN designed and produced Barkan in response to the needs of the modern combat field as an assistant for field personnel in many areas, especially in increasing the operation’s success, preventing losses, and reducing operation costs. With its remote control and autonomous mission capabilities in the operation areas of the future, it has swarm infrastructure and can be part of joint operations with other ground and air vehicles from the central command-and-control unit.

Product Features

Max Speed: >12 km/h

Dimensions (L x W x H): 140cmx90cmx110cm

Weight: ~ 500 Kg

Operating Duration: 8 Hours

Mission Capabilities:

- 7.62 mm Weapon System 

- Robotic Arm (Bomb Disposal Mission) 

- CBRN Mission System 

- Load Carrying/Towing 

- Day/Night Reconnaissance 

- 3D Mapping 

- Rescue Missions 

o Autonomous UGV 

- Autonomous patrol 

- GPS independent mission 

- Return base when a link is lost 

- Leader tracking 

- Obstacle avoidance 

- Drivable area detection 

- Route planning