Indigenous Claw for the Fighting Falcon

Indigenous Claw for the Fighting Falcon

BOZDOĞAN (Within Visual Range (WVR) Missile, developed by TÜBİTAK-SAGE hit the aerial target. The Turkish version of AIM9X is fired from an F-16 jet targeting another aerial platform.

Indigenous Claw for the Fighting Falcon

During the test, Bozdoğan hit an unmanned aerial target vehicle (UAV), Şimşek. Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) developed the UAV.

Indigenous Claw for the Fighting Falcon

Bozdoğan completed its guided launch pad test firing in November 2019 and was set to enter the Turkish Armed Forces’ inventory (TSK) after completing air-launch tests and is integrated into military aircraft.

Indigenous Claw for the Fighting Falcon

Bozdoğan, along with Gökdoğan (Peregrine), another indigenous system, a beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) are developed under the Göktüğ project. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey’s (TÜBITAK) Defence Industries Research and Development Institute (SAGE) runs both projects.

The GÖKTUĞ Project was initiated in 2013 to replace the AIM120 AMRAAM and sidewinder9x missiles currently used by the Turkish Air Force with national systems. Two missile names are confused frequently as the names were interchanged soon after the project was initiated.

Indigenous Claw for the Fighting Falcon

The Bozdoğan missile is equipped with high thrust-low smoke solid-fuel technology, an entire electronic rocket engine safe start and ignition system with high reliability and safety, and a continuous fuse for high safety and reliability.

Technical Specs of WVR Within Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile


High-resolution IIR Seeker providing the outstanding off-boresight capability

Advanced counter-countermeasure capabilities

All-aspect engagement capability

Thrust & Control

High thrust – reduced smoke solid propellant technology

Fully electronic Rocket Motor Arming and Firing System with exceptional safety and reliability

Superior agility with thrust vectoring


Unique warhead design for maximum probability-of-kill