Indonesian Navy Discusses Procuring German Submarines

Indonesian Navy Discusses Procuring German Submarines

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius visited Indonesian Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto at the Defence Ministry Central Jakarta.

Prabowo said to media that strengthening relations between Indonesia and Germany would continue. The German Minister said that the issue of cooperation in procuring submarines for the Indonesian Navy was discussed.

"We agreed to improve and develop the relationship, even for the Navy to talk about the possibility of having the submarines that we have talked about," Pistorius told the media. He added that the German Armed Forces would hold joint exercises with the Indonesian National Armed Forces, especially the navy.

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The Finance Ministry approved a request for the country to take on up to USD 2.16 billion in foreign loans to procure air independent propulsion (AIP)-capable submarines. There are claims that the Indonesian Navy plans to acquire Naval Group’s Scorpene-class submarines.