Iran Introduces New Kamikaze UAV for Russia

Iran Introduces New Kamikaze UAV for Russia

According to Sky News, Iran developed Shaheed-107 based on the requirements of Russia actively using Iranian Shaheed-136 kamikaze UAVs and Mohajer-6 armed UAVs in the war. Shaheed-136s are being used as Geran-2 in the Russian service, with possible modifications to navigation systems.


Shaheed-107 is reported as a derivative of Shaheed-101 kamikaze UAV with a V-shaped tail. Shaheed-101 has a generic form with wide wings and is smaller than Shaheed-136 long-ranged kamikaze UAV. One Shaheed-101 UAV was retrieved in Iraq for technical inspections. The UAV doesn’t feature an electro-optical system, but that might be where Shaheed-107 diverges from the parent design.

Additionally, it is reported that Iran and Russia are close to inking a deal for surface-to-surface missiles. There were allegations regarding Iran supplying Russia with ballistic missiles during the war. Recently, Russia’s use of North Korean ballistic missiles was revealed by Ukrainian authorities, and this further strengthens the possibility of Iran being the next supplier of missiles.

Iran rolled out another member of the Shaheed series of kamikaze UAVs, the jet-powered Shaheed-238. Shaheed-238 is structurally identical to Shaheed-136, with the difference of using a turbojet engine and offering different seeker options. Seeker options are listed as an electro-optical seeker and an RF-based seeker. This raised questions about Iran supplying Shaheed-238 to Russia and concerns over higher speed, making interceptions more difficult.