Japan to Construct 12 Frigates in Five Years

Japan to Construct 12 Frigates in Five Years

According to Naval News, a spokesperson at the Japanese Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) answered on November 2 to the publication of the new programme.

The Japanese Navy originally planned to build 22 Mogami-class frigates, but that number has since been reduced to 12 ships, scheduled to be built in 2023, followed by the construction of 12 improved vessels from 2024 to 2028. The new 'Mogami' will incorporate longer-range missiles and improved anti-submarine warfare capabilities. 

Of the initial batch of 12 "Mogami", ten have been approved for construction, four vessels are in service, one is expected to enter service in 2023, two in 2024, one in 2025 and two after 2025. The "Mogami" has a standard displacement of 3900 tons and is displaced 5,500 tons fully loaded, 133 meters long and 16.3 meters wide. They incorporate a CODAG propulsion system, with one MT-30 aero turbine engine and two V28/33DD STC diesel engines. Their maximum speed is 30+ knots (55+ kilometres per hour).

In August, the Japanese Ministry of Self-Defence also requested a $1.16 billion budget to construct two new FFMs for fiscal year 2024.

The most recent action exemplifies the progressively stringent security climate surrounding Japan. Tokyo intends to increase surveillance missions in Japanese coastal waters to safeguard the southwestern Nansei Islands, including the contested Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea, as its neighbouring country, China, expands its maritime capabilities and activities. While under Japanese control, the Senkakau/Diaoyu Islands are also territorial claims of Taiwan and China.