Kyrgistan Holds Exercises with Aksungur and Akıncı

Kyrgistan Holds Exercises with Aksungur and Akıncı

The president of Kyrgistan, Sadyr Japarov, has visited the tactical field to see the technical characteristics and firing power of new "Akıncı" and "Aksungur" Armed unmanned aerial vehicles.  

Unmanned aerial vehicles can perform daily and night combat tasks, equipped with high-tech optical and radar observation devices and laser aiming devices.

Kyrgistan Akıncı Bayraktar TurDef.jpg

UAV "Akıncı", equipped with two AI-450T turboprop engines with a take-off power of 450 hp, is intended for operational strategic aerial reconnaissance and air strikes on enemy targets. The maximum flight speed reaches 361 km/h.

The unmanned aerial vehicle "Aksungur" is an attack drone for visual, radio reconnaissance and patrolling. It is equipped with two turboprop engines, TEI PD170, with a capacity of 170 hp. It can develop a cruising speed of 240 km/h.