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Malaysian Navy Starts Using CANiK M2 QCB HMGs

Malaysian Navy Starts Using CANiK M2 QCB HMGs

Royal Malaysian Navy’s new G2000 Mk II patrol boats use remote-controlled weapon systems (RCWS) fitted with 12.7 mm heavy machine guns. Spanish Escribano’s Sentinel 2.0 RCWS will be used for the first batches, but later class boats will use ASELSAN’s STAMP-L RCWS.

What is common about the two batches is that both will use CANiK’s M2 QCB (Quick Barrel Change) HMG. M2 QCB is one of the first members of CANiK’s M2/M3 series of heavy machine guns and is in use with the Turkish Armed Forces.

M2 QCB has a rate of fire between 450 RPM and 650 RPM and a dispersion of 6 MOA. With a life of 25000+ rounds, the barrel supports a flash hider’s integration.

Malaysian Navy CANiK’s M2 QCB TurDef.jpeg

Following M2 QCB, CANiK also developed M2F and M3 HMGs for services demanding higher firepower. M2F is the variant of M2QCB with a lightened firing mechanism for an increased rate of fire between 750 RPM and 950 RPM. In addition, CANiK developed a dual mount for M2F. There were unconfirmed reports of M2F being supplied to Ukraine in said configuration to down drones.

M3 is specifically meant for aircraft use due to its even higher rate of fire, ranging between 1100 RPM and 1200 RPM. This time, to maximize the rate of fire, M3 switches to an electrically-driven firing mechanism. The weapon can be fitted as a door gun for helicopters or inside the gun pods of light attack aircraft. However, depending on customer request, M3 can also be fitted on RCWS of naval and land platforms.