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Maldives Presents TB2 UCAVs

Maldives TB2 UCAV Photo Credit Aviators Maldives

Maldives National Defence Force unveiled TB2 UCAVs at Maafaru International Airport at a ceremony the President attended. The agreement between Turkiye and Maldives consists of a ground station for command-and-control missions and six TB2 UCAVs. The UCAVs will serve in the Maldivian Armed Forces as tension between the Maldives and India increases. The island country is known for its close ties with India, as Indian troops are deployed. However, the Maldives’ President, Mohammed Muizzu, has closer ties with China. He was elected in October 2023 by promising to end the country’s close relations with India. Indian-Maldivian relations began when the island attained independence in 1965. The island’s location in the Indian Ocean is strategically important to India and China. The Maldives is critical to India’s maritime security and regional influence.