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MARLIN AUSV to Be Delivered to Turkish Navy

MARLIN AUSV to Be Delivered to Turkish Navy

SEFİNE Naval Projects Senior Technical Purchasing Engineer Burak Kolsuz, who spoke to Anadolu Agency during the Nusret-2023 Invitation Exercise, stated that MARLIN AUSV will be delivered to the Turkish Navy in the coming months. 

Burak Kolsuz added that MARLIN can be configured in mine warfare and anti-air warfare configurations in addition to already revealed ASuW and ASW configurations.

MARLIN made its official debut on the field in electronic warfare configuration during a NATO exercise in 2022. This was followed by a test of TUBITAK SAGE’s KUZGUN-KY solid fuel rocket-powered surface-to-surface missile planned to be one of MARLIN’s main ASuW assets. 

MIR AUSV, a related development from the same joint venture, also fired a lightweight torpedo from the launcher developed by ASELSAN.