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MBDA Signs an Air Defence System Agreement with Poland

MBDA Signs an Air Defence System Agreement with Poland

In Poland, MBDA signed an agreement to deliver an air defence system. This series of contracts is worth more than 4.6 billion euros. The deal, in particular, calls for producing over 1,000 (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) CAMM-ER air defence missiles in Poland.

The resurgence of war in Ukraine and Israel shows its results in defence companies. MBDA's most recent agreement, announced on November 7 with the Polish missile company Polska Grupa Zbrojna (PGZ), shows that capacities are exported now. MBDA will assist PGZ in delivering the Narew air defence programme to the Polish army through "key technology and knowledge transfer."

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NAREW is the latest in a series of air defence projects in Poland that MBDA and PGZ have jointly contracted for using the CAMM missile family. It follows the Mala Narew urgent operational requirement contract, which was awarded in 2022 and is now in service, the PILICA+ short-range air defence system, which was awarded earlier in 2023, work on the MIECZNIK frigate programme, and studies for future joint development of CAMM-MR. Furthermore, MBDA and PGZ collaborate on the OTTOKAR BRZOZA tank destroyer project.