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MEKO A200 Joined the Egyptian Navy

MEKO A200 Joined the Egyptian Navy

The first MEKO A-200 frigate, ENS Al Aziz (904), joined the Egyptian Navy at Alexandria, according to a tweet posted by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence. Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems recently handed over the first MEKO A-200 frigate of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Three ships are planned to be built in Germany. The construction process of the fourth frigate will be carried out in Alexandria Shipyard, Egypt.

Comprehensive modernisation steps were taken for the Egyptian Navy after the change of power in the state. Cairo's government changed its perspective on the role of the Navy by defending against occupation attempts. Egypt would like to become one of the most powerful maritime forces in the region. The country started to development of naval unit infrastructure as well as vessel acquisition and troops. One of its most important decisions of Egypt is dividing the naval power in two for independent strategic works in both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.