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NATO’s NSPA Acquires Patriot Missiles for Four Countries

NATO’s NSPA Acquires Patriot Missiles for Four Countries

NATO’s lead organisation for multinational acquisition, support and sustainment in all domains, NSPA, announced on social media that It would make a contract for a combined quantity of up to 1,000 Patriot™ Guidance Enhanced Missiles (GEM-T) if all options are exercised. 


The Agency awarded a production and delivery contract to COMLOG, a joint venture between Raytheon, an RTX subsidiary, and MBDA. COMLOG will increase GEM-T missile production capacity in Europe to support production and delivery.

In November 2022, MBDA Deutschland and the American group Raytheon announced that they had just signed a “road map” to locate in Schrobenhausen [Bavaria] the production of GEM-T [guidance enhanced missile] interceptor missiles intended for the European market. And this, by relying on COMLOG, their joint venture which, since 1987, has ensured the maintenance in operational condition [MCO] of the Patriot air defence systems used by the Bundeswehr. This order is part of the European Sky Shield Initiative [ESSI – European anti-aircraft shield], a project launched in 2022 by Germany. According to the NSPA, it will notably “increase production” of GEM-T missiles in Europe. 

COMLOG GmbH, created in 1987, is a 50/50 joint company between MBDA Germany and Raytheon. COMLOG’s primary mission is to provide logistical support for Patriot PAC-2 missiles to keep them operational. Since its inception, COMLOG has maintained over 5,000 PAC-2 missiles at the Patriot Missile Facility 3 (PMF-3) in Schrobenhausen, Germany; the NSPA, which works on behalf of the European Patriot user countries and the US Army, is the company’s primary customer.