Naval Group Launches the Third rMCM Ship for Belgium

Naval Group Launches the Third rMCM Ship for Belgium

The French Naval Group has introduced a new design as the prime contractor for the Belgian-Dutch remote Mine Counter-Measures (rMCM) ship programme. Unlike previous models, these ships are equipped to conduct mine counter-measures missions remotely, thanks to their onboard USVs and UUVs. 

With its large hangar, the design can deploy multiple unmanned naval platforms to detect and neutralise mines. The boat hangar can house two Inspector 125 USVs, while the smaller one can house three A-18 UUVs fitted with UMISAS 120 sonars. The mines detected by the ship, helicopter, and unmanned platforms can be remotely destroyed by expendable K-Ster UUVs. 

The concept of RCM, which harnesses the rapid advancements in USV and UUV technology, not only enhances the survivability of mine counter-measures operations but also opens up a world of possibilities. 

Thanks to the versatile payload options of USVs, these ships could be used for a wide range of missions in the future. Countries like Portugal, Belgium, and the Netherlands also seek unmanned platform motherships to perform various missions. The prime factors in this recent push are the reduced risk for operators, versatility, and cost efficiency.