Naval Group offers Scorpene submarines to Indonesia

Naval Group offers Scorpene submarines to Indonesia

The “Evolved” version will reach 8,000 nautical miles range and remain submerged for 78 days with a total endurance of 80 days. This new battery system is not an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system that takes up a lot of space on the submarine. This system is also used by the latest class of Japanese submarines, Taigei. However, the system is known for its risks as well. The lithium-ion battery, as known from mobile phones, can catch fire easily and once started, the fire is almost unstoppable. 

France and Indonesia have already signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build two locally-made Scorpene submarines.

F21 Heavyweight-torpedo.jpg

Indonesia is interested in an initial order of two submarines, which, if an offer of F21 torpedoes, will accompany Scorpene, the latest model of French technology, as well as Exocet SM39 submarine-launched cruise missiles. Also, the construction of the submarines can be done locally with a projected domestic added value of 30 per cent.