Netherlands Receives Two AH-64E Attack Helicopters

Netherlands Receives Two AH-64E Attack Helicopters

Netherlands’ order for 28 AH-64E V.6 Apache Guardian attack helicopters was approved by the U.S. State Department in 2018. As reported by Airforce Technology, deliveries are expected to be completed in 2025.

The helicopters are refitted from the Netherlands’ existing AH-64Ds with new rotor blades, engines and avionics.

Replacement of T700-701C turboshaft engines (1890 hp) with the more robust T700-701D engines (1994 hp) and improved rotor blades will improve the flight performance of the helicopters.

Avionics upgrades include the updated version of the Longbow fire control radar and a new electro-optical package consisting of a Modernised Target Acquisition Designation System (M-TADS), Pilot Night Vision System (PNVS), and Modernised Day Sensor Assembly (M-DSA). Cockpit electronics and RF interferometers are other upgrades to the avionics.

AH-64E is one of the latest versions of the AH-64 Apache family with new capabilities, including partial control of nearby UAVs and maritime targeting mode. Current users of AH-64E include the U.S., the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Qatar, and Indonesia.

UAV control capability was tested with RQ-7 Shadow and MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAVs, where the UAVs provided targeting to the helicopter for non-line-of-sight engagement.