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New contract for ASELSAN Early Warning Radar

New contract for ASELSAN Early Warning Radar

A contract of 500,801,109 TL and 27,029,473 USD was signed between ASELSAN and the Defence Industry Agency (SSB) for a Fixed Early Warning Radar. The deliveries will take place between 2026 and 2027. These radars will replace the current French-made radar in use. The company started developing the three-dimensional long-range early warning radar in 2016 following a contract signed with SSB. The company first introduced the Portable Early Warning Radar System (TEIRS) production model, which was developed for the Turkish Air Force (TurAF). EIRS is a new generation S-Band radar with AESA technology and digital beam-forming antenna infrastructure. EIRS can detect and track air-breathing, anti-radiation, ballistic, and low RCS targets from long ranges. AESA and Digital Beam Forming architecture, together with Multi Channel Receivers, allows producing of simultaneous beams in space, paving the way for multi-function and multi-mission operations. EIRS optimises its detection and target tracking performance using meteorological data. The EIRS is a stand-alone mobile system consisting of radar, command control/communication, and power systems mounted on tactical trucks without mounting/demounting procedures. 

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EIRS can be connected to radar networks and exchange 3D air pictures with other EIRS systems and the Air Force command centres through radios and army backbone through AWCIES messaging. The ability of EIRS to execute data fusion and track handover among themselves is a vital characteristic, particularly for ballistic missile defence. A long-range Mode 5 IFF interrogator is coupled with a high-gain IFF antenna to connect with the radar's operational modes. AESA makes use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor technology, which can generate multiple digital beams utilising solid-state Transmit / Receive (T/R) modules. EIRS will also be used in future as a search radar in the SIPER Long Range Area Air and Missile Defence System.