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New Refuelling Tankers for Turkish Navy

New Refuelling Tankers for Turkish Navy

SSB President Professor İsmail Demir announced that a contract was signed with DESAN-ÖZATA Business Partnership, including four Refuelling Tankers Ship Projects. Within the project"s scope, two tankers will be procured together with spares, training and documents to ensure that the fuel refill needs of the warships in the port and nearby area are met quickly. The fuel needs of the Fast Patrol Boats in a possible operation and/or waiting/hiding position in the war are met safely and quickly. The supply of two additional tankers is optional.

New Refuelling Tankers for Turkish Navy

It is predicted that 80 per cent of the project will be completed with Turkish products.

The technical features of Tankers

Maximum Speed: 15 knots

Maximum range: 500 nautical miles

It can sail for three days without logistical support.

Fuel supply to two ships at the same time.

The drinking water cistern has a capacity of 35 tons.