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Pakistan to Receive 56 SH-15 Self-Propelled Howitzers

Pakistan to Receive 56 SH-15 Self-Propelled Howitzers

Chinese NORINCO company completed the production of 56 howitzers. These artillery systems are the export variant of PCL-181 howitzers. The first batch of SH-15s was commissioned on 15 March 2022. These systems will be shipped to Pakistan soon for induction into Pakistan Army. The SH-15 is based on the chassis of a Shaanxi 6x6 truck and incorporates an armoured cabin into its design. 


This system is fitted with a 155 mm gun-howitzer. It can fire a wide range of shells, including all standard 155 mm NATO ammunition and indigenous ammunition developed by NORINCO. The howitzer also has an automatic fire control system (AFCS). Direct and indirect fire are both options available with this artillery system. A rocket-assisted V-LAP projectile has the potential to achieve a maximum firing range of up to 53 km.

The SH-15 PC has a total combat weight of 25 tons. This weight lies within the cargo capability of any medium-weight transport aircraft. Thus, PAF’s Il-78 strategic air lifters can quickly transport these howitzers.