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Pakistan Unveils IREK Anti-Radiation Guidance Kit

Pakistan Unveils IREK Anti-Radiation Guidance Kit

In addition to IREK, other guidance kits manufactured by Pakistan such as the Al-Battar Laser Guidance Kit (Counterpart to Paveway, LGK…) were exhibited with the Turkish-made UCAV.

IREK is a new guidance kit from Pakistan distinguished with its use of an anti-radiation seeker to home on radar emissions. Most of the seeker-fitted winged guidance kits use laser or IIR (Imaging Infrared) seekers as these guidance types are versatile when it comes to target types. However, IREK is explicitly developed for SEAD/DEAD missions.

An anti-radiation seeker would be preferable as it can pick up intended targets further than the former relying on optical means and more quickly as well. This is important as the aircraft conducting SEAD/DEAD missions should be as far away as possible from the enemy air defences, range extension of the wing kit further contributes to this needed stand-off capability.