PNS BABUR’s Main Naval Gun is Installed

PNS BABUR’s Main Naval Gun is Installed

Pakistan and Turkiye signed the MİLGEM Corvette contract on September 6, 2018, to construct four ships for the Pakistani Naval Forces. The construction of Pakistan Navy’s Babur Class vessels continues at full speed. In this context, the main naval gun assembly of one of the four ships built by ASFAT is completed. The Oto Melara 76/62 mm main naval gun is recently installed on the PNS BABUR (F-280).

Emre Koray Gençsoy, Director of ASFAT Marine Programs, announced the development on his Linkedin account by giving the following information about the process: “the main naval gun assembly of PNS BABUR has been completed. While making these plans in 2020, this was a distant goal; today, we have reached this goal. The main underdeck assembly works have been completed to a large extent, and the bridge, mast, and equipment installation activities on the operations centre and port acceptance tests continue. The dock activities of PNS KHAIBAR continue unabated.

PNS BABUR Oto Melara 76 62 mm main naval gun.jpg


The engines and the main equipment are on the ship, and the works on the main propulsion system are proceeding according to the schedule. The port will probably have started acceptance tests ahead of the targeted date. PNS TARIQ, the last ship of the project, which is under production in Karachi, is preparing to launch within the schedule. Despite all the difficulties, we are happy with the point it has reached.”