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Qatar Has Received the Third " Al Zubarah " Class Corvette

Qatar Has Received the Third " Al Zubarah " Class Corvette

The Al Zubarah-class corvettes, designed consistent with the RINAMIL rules, will be capable of fulfilling different kinds of tasks, fromsurveillancewith sea rescue capacities to being fighting vessels. The " Al Zubarah " have a length of 107 meters, a width of 14.7 meters and a draft of 4.20 meters, while their displacement, with a full load, is 3,250 tons. Its maximum speed is 28 knots (52 kilometres per hour), while the radius of action is 3,500 nautical miles (6,482 kilometres) at a cruising speed of 15 knots or 21 days of endurance at sea.

Qatar Has Received the Third

The propulsion system will be CODAD type, with manning requirements of 112 people and can support an NH-90 level helicopter. Qatar"s chosen armament mix is ​​one 76 mm cannon, 16 Aster-30 long-range anti-aircraft-anti-ballistic missiles, a 21-position RAM close-in protection system, and eight MM-40 Block, three Exocet anti-ship missiles, two 30mm in remote-controlled Marlin turrets, torpedoes and four Sylena Mk.2 self-defence systems. The ship"s primary sensors are Kronos Naval radars, Thesan flotation sonar and Athena combat management system.