Qatar Navy Received second Cadet Training Ship Al-Shamal

Qatar Navy Received second Cadet Training Ship Al-Shamal
Speaking at the ceremony, Commander of the Qatar Naval Academy Rear Admiral Khalid Nasser al-Hajri thanked the Turkish Armed Forces and those who contributed to the ship"s construction and stated that they are pleased to bring a ship with advanced technology to the QENF. At the ceremony, a video about the training activities on the other craft of the project, QTS 91 Al Doha, was demonstrated.The project, which includes the construction of two Armed Training Ships (CTS) for the Qatar Navy, started in February 2019.A contract was signed between ADIK and the Qatar Navy at the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) held in March 2018 in Qatar.Qatar Navy Received second Cadet Training Ship Al-ShamalBesides basic naval cadet training, CTS will have a helipad for medium-size helicopters on the stern and will provide combat management and weapon training to the trainees. The Qatari Navy may also use the vessels for offshore patrol duties as a secondary mission. The ships are equipped with classrooms, and there are accommodations for 76 cadets and eight instructors and a regular crew of 66 sailors.PLATFORM
Length Over All89.85m
Draught< 4.0m