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Raytheon Set to Upgrade Sentinel A3 Radars

Raytheon Set to Upgrade Sentinel A3 Radars

The upgrade aims to extend the radar range to 74 km from 40 km and improve detection capabilities against smaller targets like UAVs. The upgrade is planned to be completed by 2027.

AN/MPQ-64 is a family of short-range surveillance radars used by the U.S. Army to provide early warning for short-range air defence systems like Stinger MANPADS and Avenger SHORAD. The radar is towed by a truck to the emplacement point on a trailer by a M1082 truck.

The latest variant of AN/MPQ-64 is AN/MPQ-64A4, adding C-RAM capability and AESA technology into the Sentinel family of radars.

For the past several years, the U.S. has increased its investments in short-range radars with the rise of UAV and C-RAM threats. Another investment in this field is utilizing the Israeli RPS-42 AESA radars in a four-way configuration for the MADIS Mk2 C-UAS system developed for USMC.