Rheinmetall Presents ADW Anti-Tank Area Defence Weapon

Rheinmetall Presents ADW Anti-Tank Area Defence Weapon

Rheinmetall has designed a new system to increase the capability of combined arms operations against Main Battle Tanks (MBTs). The system is a top-attack anti-tank mine that provides a 360° surveillance arc that can support a target area's surveillance.

The ADW is equipped with a suite of passive and active sensors that enable it to monitor its operational environment in all directions. This surveillance capability increases situational awareness and facilitates more effective target identification and engagement.

Armoured vehicles are protected against blasts on the ground. The ADW delivers its SMArt 155 sensor fuse submunitions from a position high above the target to attack from above. The SMArt 155 submunition is designed to engage armoured targets at a radius of 100 m. 

The ADW is designed to increase the resistance of the minefield against mine clearance systems. It has an optimized g-hardened design suitable for emplacement by hand, logistics vehicle, mine dispenser, rocket artillery or helicopter.

Thanks to its advanced sensor suite, the ADW can operate independently within a defined operational area, detecting and attacking targets autonomously, reducing the need for continuous human intervention and potentially improving response times.

As part of a network system for multidomain operations, ADW can communicate with other assets on the battlefield.

ADW weighs approximately 25 kg and has a diameter of 23 cm. Its launch-strengthened design ensures durability during deployment and transportation.