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Roketsan and Aselsan's Siper Product-1 hit the Target

Roketsan and Aselsan's Siper Product-1 hit the Target

Turkiye continues developing activities of a long-range air defence missile system called Siper. Turkiye's Defence Industry Agency (SSB) published important information about the system. The missile hit its target from 100 kilometres.

According to Demir"s statement on social media, the test was conducted with the Guided Test Missile from the SİPER Product-1 System and it was critical for Long Range Air and Missile Defence Project.

For a while, Turkiye has been doing extensive work to develop a long-range air defence system. The country aims to establish a layered-air defence umbrella to protect all sizes of military units, critical infrastructure and government buildings. The importance of such an umbrella was seen during Russo-Ukraine War. Russia is concentrating primarily on missile assaults on the energy infrastructure of the Ukrainian side. Defenders are trying to repel attacks with different kinds of air-defence systems.