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Roketsan Has its New Website Live

Roketsan Has its New Website Live

While the Turkish defence industry expands, it also focuses more on distinguishing itself from other countries. Exporting becomes more important, and displaying capacity gains value.Roketsan has published its new website. Articles are now easier to find. Even as the Roketsan missile family becomes more crowded, the page easily identifies them. The arrows on the right side of the screen help with navigation while classifying space systems on top, high altitude missiles one step below, and low altitude missiles another step below. Surface-to-surface missiles are placed on the same level as land and naval missiles. Those who are familiar with the terminology will have no trouble navigating.

The website provides has new information about recent developments as well.

Roketsan is an institution established in 1988 to design, develop and manufacture rockets and missiles. The company has Land Systems, Air Defence Systems, Naval Systems, Precision Guided Systems, Space Systems, Ballistic Protection Systems and Subsystems in its portfolio.