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Roketsan Unveils Integrated Border Security Solutions

Roketsan Unveils Integrated Border Security Solutions

Roketsan unveiled its border security and critical facility protection project on its YouTube account. The company has explained part of its integrated system at Ankara's most recent Military Radar and Border Security Summit.

According to the video, the new approach incorporates many levels of security and safeguards into a single command and control system. The organisation"s integration is based on network-centric warfare, which prioritises the use of force from one command and control headquarter. Artificial İntelligence is an important input for decision-makers.

The video is about Alka New, BTM and Mete, which are used against the threats together. The video begins with a military outpost near the border. It has an Alka laser, an RF founder, and a drone detecting radar. Alka comes in two varieties: mobile and immobile. The mobile version includes a tethered UAV that uses a laser to illuminate the target. The Alkas is compatible with Network Enabled Weapons (NEW). Mete, which possesses rockets to intercept threats, is part of the system. Roketsan is a ballistic protection system. The system will detect the target and provide the necessary solution to neutralise the threat.