Rolls-Royce Announces Biggest Engine Testbed

Rolls-Royce Announces Biggest Engine Testbed

Testbed 80 will test engines such as the Trent XWB as well the engines and propulsion systems of the future.

With an internal area of 7,500m2, the testbed conducted its first run on a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine at the test facility in Derby, UK. This is a £90m investment.

Testbed 80 has been designed to test a range of engines, including the Trent XWB. The data systems inside Testbed 80 are more capable and complex than any of our existing testbeds. Testbed can collect data from more than 10,000 different parameters on an engine, using an intricate web of sensors that detect even the tiniest vibrations at a rate of up to 200,000 samples per second.

The testbed is also home to a powerful x-ray machine that is able to capture 30 images per second and beam them directly to a secure cloud, where engineers around the world can analyse them along with the 10,000 other data parameters we can measure. We’re the only engine manufacturer in the world to x-ray our engines while they are running. This unique test allows us to inspect engines to minute levels of detail and obtain precise levels of data.