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Romania is one step closer to F-35s

Romania is one step closer to F-35s

Romanian Defence Minister Angel Tîlvăr stated that the decision to buy the F-35 was not only to equip the Romanian Air Force with advanced fighter jets but also to consolidate the security architecture on the eastern side of NATO and in the Black Sea region.

Earlier on April 11, the Supreme Council of National Defence of Romania, chaired by Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, authorised the Romanian Defence Ministry to acquire aircraft for the country's air force. Romania hopes to receive the first aircraft in 2030.

The potential deal will be carried out under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) framework, requiring approval from the United States, Department of State.

Documentation submitted to the Romanian Parliament shows that after purchasing these two F-35 squadrons, Romania added another 16 F-35 squadrons.

Romania will be the third Eastern European ally after Poland and the Czech Republic to operate the Lockheed Martin fifth-generation aircraft.