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Royal Navy Retires Type 23s due to Lack of Crew

Royal Navy Retires Type 23s due to Lack of Crew

Royal Navy’s HMS Westminster and HMS Argyll will be retired, with the former having recently completed a mid-life upgrade program that started in 2017 worth £100 million.
These two vessel crews will be transferred to the Navy’s future Type 26 and Type 31 frigates.
According to the journal, the Royal Navy has had the lowest recruitment performance of any force in the last year. Its recruit intake fell by 22.1 per cent in the year to March 2023, while the RAF fell by nearly 17 per cent and the Army fell by almost 15 per cent.
John Healey, the Labour Party’s shadow defence minister, has accused the administration of neglecting to address problems inside the armed services.
Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the United Kingdom’s armed forces leader, stated last year that the Royal Navy has just ’11 or 12’ fully operating frigates and destroyers.

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This news was published after Turkiye's decision to add four new frigates to the MİLGEM program. It was known that the Turkish Ministry of Defence was in talks with the United Kingdom to purchase the second Type 23 in 2022.