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Russia Unveils a rail-guided ship system for UAVs

Russia Unveils a rail-guided ship system for UAVs

Russia unveiled its patented concept to convert decks into flight decks for fixed-wing UAVs. According to TASS’s article, the concept is presented at the Army-2022 military forum near Moscow. The idea and design belong to the Black Sea Higher Naval School PS Nakhimov. The system is displayed at the Russian Navy’s stand.

A metal structure is deployed on the deck of the ship. This structure is supported by stabilised telescopic swivel rods. They provide rotation in various planes. The shipboard drone landing system is intended for short- and medium-range drones. The platform is a boom rail guide that grips the drones’ wings.

To take-off, the platform is directed either towards the open sea or parallel to the ship’s longitudinal axis, preventing the device from colliding with elements of the superstructure when it is to be launched.

The landing UAV is caught by the handle-equipped boom displayed outside the deck. The handle “catches” the incoming drone in the air at a predetermined angle.

The Naval Academy claims this drone launch and landing system can be mounted on any helicopter carrier or smaller warships. According to the school, the entire system configuration can maintain a fixed direction. This system can also keep its position in space at tilt angles ranging from -10 to 10 degrees. The fixed position is guaranteed at wave amplitudes ranging from 2 to 6 m. The angle of rotation in a horizontal plane, according to naval engineers, is 250 degrees.