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Russia Upgraded the Tu-95 Bomber with Additional Pylons

Russia Upgraded the Tu-95 Bomber with Additional Pylons

Current Tu-95 Strategic bombers may carry four Kh-101 or Kh-102 cruise missiles. Modernisation will increase the ability of the bomber to carry more weapons by adding a new model of weapon pylons. With the upgrade implemented, the bomber, now designated the Tu-95MSM. The Tu-95MSM will be capable of carrying two additional missiles under each wing, making eight in total.

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With this external cargo capacity, the Tu-95MSM bomber will be even more efficient in its combat missions. The aircraft can directly fire eight Kh-101/Kh-102 cruise missiles at a time armed with conventional and nuclear warheads.
The Tu-95MSM has four Kuznetsov NK-12 engines, each developing 15,000 hp. This engine allows the aircraft to reach a maximum speed of up to 920 km/hour and a cruising speed of 750 km/hour. The aircraft’s payload capacity is estimated at around 20,000 kg, stored in the weapons room inside and suspended under its wings in the form of conventional/nuclear bombs or conventional/nuclear cruise missiles.
The Kh-101 cruise missile, developed in Russia, is a long-range projectile with a trajectory of up to 5,000 kilometres. The missile is powered by a turbofan engine, which allows it to fly at subsonic speeds and has an inertial navigation system and satellite guidance to reach its target. This distance enables it to hit targets outside Russian territory with high precision, with less than a ten-meter CEP value.