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Sikorsky Concludes Greece’s three MH-60R Helicopters

Sikorsky Concludes Greece’s three MH-60R Helicopters

The tests were finished at the beginning of December 2023, according to an announcement by Lockheed Martin. The company also stated that each MH-60R helicopter can carry out anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions from land or naval ships.

Greece is the seventh country to receive the United States Navy’s MH-60R maritime helicopter. In Europe, Denmark has nine MH-60R aircraft. In 2023, Spain and Norway ordered a total of 14 MH-60R aircraft. The first three MH-60R aircraft will arrive in Greece in 2024 via US Navy transport planes. The remaining four helicopters will arrive in 2025 to complete the Hellenic Navy’s seven-aircraft acquisition.

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MH-60R aircraft from the Hellenic Navy will be joining eleven S-70B SEAHAWK aircraft already in operation at Kotroni Naval Air Station, a small airport located to the northwest of Marathonas in East Attica. All the older maritime helicopters, which were purchased directly from Sikorsky between the years 1994 and 2005, were referred to as Aegean Hawks.