Singapore’s F-16s are Armed with Rafael’s Python-5 Missiles

Singapore’s F-16s are Armed with Rafael’s Python-5 Missiles

This integration  revealed through the information board at the RSAF Open House at Paya Lebar Air Base on 9-10 September. Israeli defence company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems make the Python-5 short-range air-to-air missile. The missile can intercept air targets within a radius of up to 20 km.

The deployment of the Python-5 missile by the RSAF was reported by several defence publications several months ago, but the RSAF did not publish it until now.

Singapore first took delivery of upgraded F-16s in June 2021. The planes will remain in service for at least another decade and have been in service since 1998.

The mid-life upgrade of the RSAF’s F-16s began in 2016. Singapore also has plans to replace its F-16 fleet by 2030.

As a dual-purpose missile, the Python-5 is suitable for air-to-air and surface-to-air missions.

The Python-5’s dual infrared seeker allows pilots to acquire even small targets with low capture and in adverse weather conditions, both day and night.