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Spain Commissioned S-81 Isaac Peral Submarine

Spain Commissioned S-81 Isaac Peral Submarine

Spanish Navy will commission four indigenously built S-80-class submarines in total. S-80-class is considered an important step for the Spanish Shipbuilding industry.

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The submarines will be fitted with a BEST-AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system, allowing for extended subsurface operation. BEST-AIP is based on bio-ethanol reforming technology to supply the submarine with the needed power to operate underwater. The last two ships S-83 and S-84 will be built with the system with the first two to have it integrated by the overhaul.

Operated by a crew of 32, the S-80-class will have ASW, ASuW, intelligence, and surveillance capabilities with land attack capability planned in the future. Spain has expressed interest in Tomahawk Block IV cruise missiles in the past.