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Spain Denies Ordering F-35 Fighter Jets

Spain Denies Ordering F-35 Fighter Jets

Spain has put an end to rumours about buying the American F-35 stealth fighter after a defence ministry spokeswoman told the press that all Spanish efforts were concentrated on the FCAS, which it is pursuing alongside France and Germany.

In early November 2021, a Lockheed-Martin official told Jane’s on the sidelines of a Royal Institute of International Affairs event.

The Spanish Air Force and Navy were evaluating the F-35A and F-35B to replace its aged F/A-18 Hornets and AV-8 Harrier IIs, respectively, flying from the Juan Carlos I aircraft carrier.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Defence, on November 8, 2021,

“The Spanish government has no funds for any more aircraft projects,” a ministry spokeswoman told Reuters. “We don’t want to do the F35. Our investment is in FCAS.”

In June 2020, the Spanish Ministry of Defence announced its participation in the French and German-led FCAS initiative.