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Spain Orders 16 C295 for MPA and MSA

Spain Orders 16 C295 for MPA and MSA

The contract includes training systems (Full Flight Simulator and Mission System Simulator) and an initial logistical support package. The C295 MPA will replace the P-3 Orion fleet to conduct its missions. The fleet was retired at the end of 2022. Spanish Air and Space Force and the Spanish Navy will carry out anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface (ASuW), and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Likewise, it can transport weapons such as torpedoes and other weapons systems.  The aircraft could become a flying command and control centre, providing the Spanish Armed Forces with the versatility to carry out various missions. 

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The C295 MSA will replace the CN-235 VIGMA aircraft fleet, which has been in service with the Spanish Air and Space Force since 2008. It will be equipped mainly for maritime and land operations, such as combating smuggling, illegal immigration operations, and drug trafficking, as well as national and international search and rescue missions.